EU No Tax 48V 500W/750W 15A TSDZ2 mid drive motor with torque sensor(Germany warehouse) Price: 287,50 (as of 24/11/2020 09:02 PST- Details)

After installing the motor: If mechanical collisions happened between motor and frame, Add gaskets,We will send extra 1pcs 42*35*1.0 and1pcs 42*35*1.5 gaskets.If you do not add gaskets, It is easy crack the shell and destroy torque sensor.
Special speed sensors, which are more robust, and include a split ‘Y’ adapter, to hook up a 6V headlight, and 6V taillight, which you can control from the display
After installing Note: The motor does not work when the mid motor TSDZ2 is no-load; If the matching display’s model is XH18-LCD, rotating the throttle is only for Power assist shift. Do not tough the pedals when turing on the display power.

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