LIUMY Posture Corrector, Back Straightener for Men and Women, Adjustable Breathable Posture Trainer, Back Brace… Price: 7,9925,00 (as of 22/01/2021 04:00 PST- Details)

Must Choosing LIUMY Posture Corrector: Sitting in front of the computer with sore shoulders all day? Worried that your child will form a bad sitting posture during long-term study? Poor sitting posture may affect your form, easily causing muscle fatigue and affecting your health! It can support the back, prevent and correct the adolescent’s bad sitting posture, and help relieve the muscle fatigue of the back/neck/shoulder caused by prolonged sitting in the office to restore their natural state.
Effectively Help To Form Correct Healthy Posture: With ergonomically design, LIUMY Back Brace can help you straighten your back, create a good posture, relieve pain and change lazy bad habits. Wear it for 20 to 30 minutes every day and keep it for 2 to 3 months, you will be surprised by this difference! Through simple and effective ways to correct posture, constantly training muscle memory, even if there is no posture corrector after 90 days, you should always walk proudly and confidently.
Healthy & Confident in Anytime Anywhere: Designed with high-quality breathable fabric to minimize the pressure on the armpits, you can move freely as usual. Small and light, others can’t see it under your clothes. After wearing, you can work normally, do housework, do homework and even exercise. Suitable for various scenarios, office, school, shopping. Efficient use can make you perfect. Note: This back corrector can be used for indoor and outdoor activities, but not for sleep.

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